"Tentacles' Touch" explores the liminal space between artificial and natural, a third typology of material experienced in the dialogue between synthetic and organic. Modernity has left nowhere untouched, nowhere silent, deeply intertwining our world with technology and concrete. Processing impressionistic footage from Taiwan, this work explores the nested relationship of artificial and natural, points of contact between our manmade structures and the earth they exist within: sun-soaked cities, rain-laden tin roofs, mountain perched neon-lights, jungle juxtaposed with urban sprawl.

"Dino" is a short portrait of Taipei noisician Dino. Through interviews interwoven with performance footage, Dino reveals his musical past, his philosophy of performing, and the underlying Confucian principles of his practice.



This is a recording from my performance at Lacking Sound Festival.

This is an audience recorded/edited video from my Odd Sound performance.

This is an audience recorded/edited video from my Organik 2012 performance.





Here are several examples of my three shapes patch. For higher quality, please click the link above each video.


arcana two; hi quality dl


neptune opposition; hi quality dl




This video was recorded while developing my lines patch. One of the unfinished manifestations of the patch was used to generate this video.






These three works were part of an ~8 month long distance, audiovisual correspondence with my partner of the time. They each contain the emotions, sights, faces, and experiences during a time of my life of significant change. The first video was shot with an entry-level consumer camera, and the other two with an old cellphone. However, I feel this degraded quality adds to the resonances of nostalgia and intimacy in the works.


nine minutes of four months













Below is an example of my interactive installation on meditation "Movement as Mind".


This is the first few minutes of an hour long audiovisual installation I was commissioned to do by Amba Lounge, a luxury bar in the Ximen Ding district of Taipei. The visuals were generated using my lines patch, which accompanied a series of my tracks. A high resolution version of this video can be downloaded here