My name is Kyle Kaplan. I am a multimedia artist whose practice includes music production, video art, generative systems, sound design and interactive installations. I recently received my MA in Digital Musics from Dartmouth, where my thesis focused on sonic installations which expressed principles of Buddhist thought. Prior to returning to school, I was living in Taipei, Taiwan for three years, where, in addition to teaching English and ardently studying Mandarin, I was very active in the local underground electronic music scene performing as Geometer. I have played live electronics at international events and festivals such as Organik, Lacking Sound Festival, On Site 2012, Odd Sound, and Korner. My aesthetic is concerned with searching for digital warmth, exploration of synthetic textures, evolving forms, virtual spaces of sparsity.

Outside of music and performance, my interests include studying Mandarin, yoga, meditation, chess and the outdoors.